FACT: the average age of department leaders at WPX is 24 years old!

What’s the dealio with WPX Hosting?

  • Youth gets promoted FAST at WPX, unlike sucky dinosaur tech companies
  • Chilled Australian vibe (the co-founder and CEO, Terry Kyle, is Australian)
  • Central Sofia office (NOT the boring Business Park)
  • NON-corporate, NON-bureaucratic style
  • WPX is committed to helping Bulgaria’s homeless and shelter dogs
  • Dog-friendly office
  • Typical WPX teambuilding inc. skydiving, scuba diving, quad bike rides, go karting, horseriding – the more dangerous, the better
  • Wo! According to the world’s largest review site, Trustpilot.com, WPX is ALREADY the #1 host in the world

WPX 'Young Gun' ROCKSTAR: Yavor

Yavor joined WPX in May 2016 as a humble junior Support Agent dude.

His age then? 21 years. 

However, he had the juice to make it as a software developer and was promoted to the WPX Dev team in July 2017.

Such was the awesomeness of his work – like the WPX Cloud – and crazy focus to learn and lead that he was elevated to WPX Dev Team leader in December 2018, then in charge of Special Projects.

His age when did all that?

24 freakin’ years old! True story. Today, ‘old man’ Yavor is 25.

WPX Hangs Out Here In Central Sofia:

WPX Is Hiring NOW, Yes Now:

full time
Sofia, Bulgaria
Posted 4 weeks ago

We innovate where few other hosts do, and our development team have already crafted a custom website staging area, backup […]

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full time
Sofia, Bulgaria
Posted 1 month ago

WPX Hosting is a international web hosting provider with a rapidly growing customer base from all over the world. Founded […]

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What The Hell Does wPX hosting Actually Do?

WordPress Hosting really sucked so we fixed it.

According to acclaimed digital marketing blogger, Matthew Woodward, WPX Hosting is basically unbeatable on WordPress hosting speed, support quality and value. Kevin Ohashi’s independent 2019 ReviewSignal.com tests proved pretty much the same thing.

Hosting Customer Support sucked, so we fixed that too.

Arguably the world’s largest review site, Trustpilot.com currently rates WPX as the most trusted Web host on the planet – #1 out of 200+ hosting companies from all over the world listed there.  Why? Kick-ass customer support.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) also sucked.

We didn’t like how CDNs were too slow and inflexible for WordPress hosting so we built our own CDN, the ‘WPX Cloud‘, probably the first hosting company to ever build their own.

WPX-Men, X-Women & X-Dogs At Play:

WPX + Teambuilding = Bungee Jumping From Hot Air Balloons (October 2019)

WPX Sponsored Event 2019:

WPX's Dog Welfare Project In Bulgaria:

WPX Hosting’s own nonprofit NGO, Every Dog Matters (EU), fully funded by WPX, currently feeds and provides medical care for 500+ shelter and homeless dogs every day.

You can read about the full range of WPX’s work with vulnerable dogs (and some cats, Terry Kyle, CEO of WPX has 7 cats too + 3 dogs!) here on the Every Dog Matters website:

Smells Like Team Spirit!

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WTF, This Is How The WPX Team Likes To 'Relax'?